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Saving Your Vehicle



An Inside Look

InkedCantilever Grey Carport_LI
InkedWhite Cantilever Carport_LI
Double carport dark grey (Butterfly) 2
M-Style Double Carport
InkedFlat Carport 4_LI
L-Style Double Carport
L-Style Cantilever
M-style carport 23 by 22
M-Style Double Carport
InkedDouble M-Style Carport_LI
Cantilever Carport
Mantis Double Carport (2)
L-style cantilever carport
L-style Cantilever Carport 3
Double Carport
L-Style Cantilever for a Train
M-Style Double Carport w/ Side Panel
Mantis Single Carport
L-Style Cantilever Carport
Y-Style Mantis Double Carport
Cover 2.jpg
Carport 1.jpg
Carport 3.jpg
Mantis Double Carport w/ Side Panels
Carport 4.jpg
Drawbar Carport
A-Frame Carport
A-Frame Carport
M-Style Double Carport
CARPORTS: Portfolio

Ohana Shading Systems offers the BEST carports in Hawaii by providing the ultimate protection for your vehicle from the elements.  The advanced technology of the polycarbonate panels cuts out 100% UV damage, 75% heat and significantly lowers the temperature of your vehicle. We offer a wide selection of products to adapt to your vehicle quantity, parking method, & desired height.  Ensure that one of your biggest investments isn't rapidly depreciating due to the poor storage of your vehicle.

Cover 2.jpg
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