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Palladio Standard.jpg


We are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Scolaro products in Hawaii.  Scolaro parasols and outdoor umbrellas are handmade in Italy and are known for quality, functionality and innovative shade solutions. 


The company was established over 40 years ago and in more than 70 countries. These long-lasting shades are crafted from durable UV-resistant materials and the highest quality fabrics.  



The Astro retractable umbrella combines technology, ergonomics, design and innovation. This system has a hydraulic gas spring strut allowing easy opening and closing.  

Available sizes:

9'8" x 9'8" (Square)

11'5" x 11'5" (Square)

9'8" x 13' (Rectangle)

Astro Carbon Technical Sheet

Astro StarWhite Technical Sheet

Astro Timber Technical Sheet
Astro Titanium Technical Sheet

Galileo (white).jpg


The Galileo cantilever retractable umbrella  has an easy opening and closing crank system on the support pole. The amazing technology of the inclination system helps create the best shading solution.  The Galileo can form into any tilt level by simply moving the handle up and down. 


Available sizes:

9'8" x 9'8" (Square)

11'5" x 11'5" (Square)

9'8" x​​  13' (Rectangle)

13' x 13' (Galileo Maxi)

Galileo Dark Technical Sheet

Galileo Inox Technical Sheet

Galileo StarWhite Technical Sheet

Galileo Maxi Dark Technical Sheet

Galileo Maxi StarWhite Technical Sheet



This cantilevered umbrella is both fashionable and elegant. It is employed by a crank mechanism, has an inclination of 20 degrees and is able to turn 360 degrees. It comes in a variety of colors. 

Available sizes:

11'4" (Round)

9'8"x9'8" (Square)

9'8" x 13' (Rectangle)



Made of two Astro retractable umbrellas anchored to a single support, this system is great for large commercial spaces.

Available sizes:

9'8" x 19'6" (Rectangle)

11'5" x 22'9" (Rectangle)

Dual-T Carbon/ Star White Technical Sheet

Dual-T Timber Technical Sheet
Dual- V Carbon/StarWhite Technical Sheet
Dual-V Timber Technical Sheet

Palladio Standard.jpg


This simple, yet classic umbrella is a very popular umbrella.  It employs on a double pulley system. Scolaro has been supplying the standard umbrella for over 30 years.  

Available sizes:

8'2" (Round); 9'8" (Round); 11'4" (Round)

13' (Round); 16'4" (Round)

6'5" x 6'5" (Square); 9'8" x 9'8" (Square); 

11'4" x 11' 4" (Square); 13' x  13' (Square)

6'5" x 9'8" (Rectangle); 9'8" x 13' (Rectangle)

Quattro Carbon (Star White).jfif


Made of four retractable Astro umbrellas anchored to a single support, this system is great for covering extra large commercial spaces.

Available sizes:

19'6" x 19'6" 

Quattro Carbon/StarWhite Technical Sheet

Quattro Timber Technical Sheet

Marina 5.jpeg


The Marina center pole umbrella, is compact, robust and practical. Available in a beautiful Inox powder-coated finish to suit any design style. This center pole umbrella stands out with its attractive and modern design.

The closing and opening are easy and light thanks to the double pulley, making this a smart solution for both residential and commercial settings.

Available sizes:

9'8" (Round)

6'5" x 6'5" (Square)

Marina Technical Sheet

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